rsvndump - remote Subversion repository dump

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rsvndump is a command line tool that is able to dump a Subversion repository that resides on a remote server. All data is dumped in the format that can be read an written by svnadmin load/dump, so the data which is produced can easily be imported into a new Subversion repository.

rsvndump supports most of the functionality of the normal svn client program and svnadmin, e.g. authentication, SSL-support, incremental dumps and support for dumping text deltas instead of full text.

Starting with Subversion 1.7 in October 2011, the official distribution already contains a remote dumpfile tool called svnrdump. While both tools serve the same purpose, rsvndump is also able to dump a subdirectory of a repository by resolving copy operation as needed, even without read access to the repository root. Furthermore, rsvndump may work better with old Subversion servers (i.e. versions prior to 1.5).

Further information about rsvndump's behavior and possible differences to the output generated by svnadmin dump and svnrdump can be found at the man page.


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Jonas Gehring Last update: May 14, 2012